Board of Trustees - B.O.T.



Board of Trustees – B.O.T.


“The Prophet (peace be upon him) said- Acquire knowledge and impart it to the people”

(Sunan Tirmidhi, Hadith 107)

As you have come to know well, Al-Wazzan Educational Company is a leader in the field of Education.  Wazzan Education includes a management team with over 20 years of experience in the field of education, and continues to break ground in propelling the field forward.  Our facilities, throughout Kuwait, have been laying the academic and moral foundations for this generation and will continue to do so for future generations to come.  We are a company dedicated to preparing your child for a competitive global market, and we are privileged to be an integral part of raising the standards of education in Kuwait.  With this privilege comes great responsibility.  It is our firm belief that the future of our great nation lies in the students and educators of today.  We at Wazzan Educational Company have invested in our children and are making great strides in providing a nurturing and conducive environment, with programs and resources that facilitate their learning. 

Since the transformation of our cocoon into the butterfly, our beautiful new facility has provided a positive and energetic atmosphere for the students to grow.  We pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded education which will develop our students into upstanding and successful adults.  As we grow, so do the endless opportunities and possibilities for your child. 

As always, from my family to yours, it’s been a pleasure to serve our community and our country in bettering everyone’s tomorrow.