Policies & Procedures

The mission of Northwest Bilingual School is to empower students to become contributing leaders of tomorrow by providing an American curriculum integrated with a culture that encourages the respect for the Kuwaiti values and culture. Northwest Bilingual School accepts application from students of all nationalities and cultures.

When considering admission, the school will take the following into account:

  •  The School’s mission
  •  The Student’s Intellectual ability and aptitudes
  •  Space Availability
  •  Extra-curricular interest
  •  High School Subject availability

Admission to Northwest Bilingual school is based on the following criteria:

  • Student’s past academic record and transcripts
  • Student’s behavior recommendation letters from previous school
  • Student’s entrance test results
  • A meeting between the student, parents and the Head of Admissions and the department principal.

Admission requirements and procedures

Recommended age requirements for students as per Ministry of Private Education Kuwait are as follows:

  • Pre-Kg: 3 years old by December 31
  • KG 1: 4 years old by December 31
  • KG 2: 5 years old by December 31
  • Gr. 1: 6 years old by December 31; and so on, through Grade 12

General Admission Requirement:

Northwest Bilingual School welcomes applicants from local private, government and international schools


  • Returning students are given preference over new students provided that their families have previously honored their obligations, such as the tuition contract commitment, and that the student has displayed good conduct over the course of the academic year.
  • Priority admission for new students will be considered for admission if they have siblings enrolled in the school
  • Students will be selected at Northwest Bilingual School based on their past school records, transcripts and letters of recommendations.
  • Prospective students should pass a standardized test which determines their level in Mathematics, English language and Arabic.
  • Completed applications will be assessed by the Admissions Department before a test/interview appointment is scheduled
  • Tests results and application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine best possible students for Northwest Bilingual School
  • Parents will be notified with the school’s acceptance or rejection decision

KG Department:

  • Prospective students at Kindergarten levels (Pre-KG – KG2) are interviewed
  • There are no academic requirements for acceptance into Pre-KG and KG1 (3 to 4) years old
  • KG 2 students will have a skill based screening assessment
  • Prospective Pre-KG and KG students must be toilet trained before scheduling the entrance appointment with the school
  • Student must be able to speak and follow basic instructions.

High School Department:

  • Students are expected to complete Grade 12 prior turning 20 years of age
  • NWBS will not accept applications for students joining Grade 12 except for students coming from abroad or with a Ministry exemption. Students coming from a local school in Kuwait should join NWBS at least one year prior to their graduation year.

Special Needs:

Northwest Bilingual School is not registered, designed nor accredited to accept or educate students with special needs.

Study Support:

Northwest Bilingual School has established support programs to assist new students joining Elementary and Middle School, such as:

  • ELL- English Language Learners Program
  • Reading Support Program
  • Learning Support Program – Mathematics and Study Skills
  • AFL- Arabic as a foreign Language
  • ISL- Islamic as a second language

Legal Requirement:

  • According to Kuwait Law any student wishing to enroll in a school the father or the Educational authorized guardian must sign the admission documents.
  • The mother cannot sign the admission documents until she presents to the admission department the legal authority documents
  • All students admitted to Northwest Bilingual School must live with their parent(s) or an authorized legal adult guardian
  • Non Kuwaiti Students must have a valid residency
  • The school has the right to reject an application if any of the legal documents are incomplete

Documents Required for admission:

Northwest Bilingual School requires a copy of the following documents to be submitted the school prior to scheduling an interview or entrance assessment:

  • Completed Enrollment Forms in English and Arabic signed by the legal guardian
  • Two recent photographs of student (passport size)
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of student’s immunization records
  • Copy of student’s passport /Civil ID
  • Copy of father’s and mother’s passport and Civil ID
  • 3 years of previous school records and Transcript
  • For Kuwaitis: Copy of father’s/guardian’s Kuwaiti nationality

The Ministry of Education in Kuwait requires that each of following documents are submitted to the school after acceptance:

For All Students:

A Student Health File from Kuwait Ministry of Health or Previous School which must include:

  • Copies of student’s immunization records
  •  Students under five years of age are required to receive a BCG vaccination. These must be completed before your child attends school.

Only government clinics are allowed to complete the health file.

For Students transferring from another school in Kuwait:
  • Transfer Certificate from previous school
  • Financial Clearance Certificate from previous school

Tuition Fees:

Once a student has been admitted and the student file is complete:

  • A tuition fee deposit of KD 100 is required to reserve a seat in the school
  • Once paid, deposit refunds of KD 50 will be given to withdrawing students if requested prior to July 1.
  • First fee Instalment will be due prior to the first day of school
  • Students enrolling at any point during the first semester must pay the full annual tuition fee.
  • Students who enroll at any point in the second semester must pay 60% of the annual tuition fee.

Students applying from Overseas:

Students wishing to join Northwest Bilingual School from Overseas:

  • Must bring with them copies of school report cards/transcripts for the last three years
  • Report cards /Transcripts must be certified by the Kuwaiti Embassy or Consulate in the country they are leaving
  • Medical file, residency and civil ID (if issued)