Curriculum Overview



Curriculum Overview

High School (9th – 12th) Program Overview 

Northwest Bilingual School provides an educational program that fosters cognitive and personal growth of all students. The program focuses on providing all students an equal opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to become productive, responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to 21st century society.  

We have high expectations for all of our students and value the partnership of students, parents, administrators, and a dedicated faculty to help each students find success. Our students apply to and are well prepared to attend competitive colleges and universities.  

The faculty is the cornerstone of success at Northwest Bilingual School. Together, teachers and students create an atmosphere of academic excellence and achievement, as well as outstanding place to learn and grow.  


Northwest’s Curriculum is aligned to the State of Virginia Standards of Learning.  These standards describe the school’s expectations for student learning and achievement. The standards outline what teachers should teach and what students should learn at each grade level.   

Below is a direct link for the standards of learning and curriculum, for each grade level, along with the major skills and concepts covered in High School.  

Arabic Language Curriculum  

Our school uses Kuwait Ministry of Education curriculum for all Arabic-based subjects. The curriculum is detailed and comprehensive.  

Here is the link for the Ministry of Education (MOE) website and its curriculum overview: