Professional coding now in schools

The collaboration between CODED Academy and Northwest School was a great success. It aimed to teach programming skills to high school students and achieved resounding results. The program provided a comprehensive curriculum, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork alongside coding fundamentals. Experienced instructors from CODED Academy and dedicated teachers from NorthWest School guided the students, leading to rapid growth and proficiency in various programming languages and frameworks. The collaboration created an engaging learning environment with hands-on projects and real-world applications. This partnership has ignited a passion for programming and equipped the students with valuable skills for their future in the tech industry, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Engaging activities

CODED Arcades event where students experience a gamified way to learn different aspects of technical skills like designing, typing, and critical thinking, Students were introduced to play in different computer games designed specifically for Northwest students, where one game encourages fast typing, another focusing on design skills, and a “Hack me if you can” game to give students a hint of cybersecurity, and Sphero maze where students use block coding to get out of the maze and win. winning students from different activities got awarded with certificates.

CODED Field Trip

Top students from each class were invited to CODED campus to attend an open day planned for the students with games and activities. They had an inspirational talk about programming and the opportunity they have which is learning programming at school. The students then engaged in various activities such as: group games, air hockey, Jenga, Spot it, and much more. One of the highlights of this trip is the opportunity to meet and socialize with the CODED and Kuwait Codes community and some of the students even joined the Kuwait Codes community.


In this engaging workshop, students not only gain valuable insights into the distinction between a small business and a startup, but they also have the opportunity to experience a real-life entrepreneurial journey reminiscent of “Shark Tank.” They learn how to assemble a team, explore the factors contributing to successful ideas, and master the art of creating a solid business model. To put their newfound knowledge into action, students collaborate in teams to develop their own startups. They then have the exciting opportunity to pitch their ideas to teachers, who act as potential investors, ready to support the startups that align with specific criteria. This hands-on experience encourages innovation, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit among the students.

End of year projects

As the school year ends, top students from each class demonstrated their final projects as teams of 2 to 3 students in a competitive format, where the CODED team evaluated the projects based on technical criteria.

Competitions and awards

The CODED Graduation ceremony is an event where the top-performing teams from each grade are awarded based on the evaluation they were given on their final projects. The ceremony serves to recognize and reward the outstanding achievements of these students, with prizes for the winners in each grade.

CODED at Northwest Graduation

CEO Ahmad Marifi gave a speech about the accomplishments the students of Northwest as they are the pioneers of the future since they are the first to learn coding curriculums in High school in Kuwait.