Curriculum Overview



Curriculum Overview

The middle school program reflects attributes identified as essential for achieving success with adolescent students in the twenty first century. NORTHWEST middle school is challenging, empowering, equitable and individually tailored; providing an excellent foundation for studies in high school. Middle school students continue to develop their skills and knowledge in the core areas of English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science with differentiated instruction and enrichment allowing students’ needs to be met at individualized levels. In addition to the core classes, students have a wide variety of integrated learning and cross-curricular support in the specialist classes of Art, I.T., and Multi-media.

Table 1. Subjects Taught in Middle School
Arabic Language Subjects Taught in Both Languages
(Depending on the Content)
English Language Subjects
Arabic Language Arts Multi-media English Language Arts
Islamic Studies Social Studies Math
Quran Living Values Science
National Studies Portalion Art


English Language Curriculum

Northwest’s curriculum is aligned to the Virginia State Standards of Learning and currently uses Harcourt, Holt and Pearson Publishing for its educational material. This program primarily focuses on standards and objectives from the Virginia Standards and the textbooks are utilized as a resource to support the standards of learning.

Every day, throughout our classrooms, NORTHWEST students have many opportunities to build and explore oral language, reading, social studies, math, scientific investigation, and critical thinking through the meaningful activities that comprise our curriculum. It not only reflects the experiential learning methods of the NORTHWEST Way, including hands-on, theme-based inquiry and technology driven classrooms, but also reflects the classic content, concept, and skills-based learning of the Virginia State Standards of Learning.

The Standards of Learning describe the school’s expectations for student learning and achievement in grades K-12 in English, mathematics, science, history/social science, technology, the fine arts, foreign language, health and physical education.

Within the context of core knowledge instruction, students will also learn the essential skills for success on today’s world such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Below is a direct link for the standards of learning and curriculum, for each grade level, along with the major skills and concepts covered in our Elementary curriculum.

Arabic Language Curriculum

NORTHWEST uses the Kuwait Ministry of Education curriculum for all of the Arabic language-based subjects. The curriculum is detailed and comprehensive and is delivered in an exciting way. Through the use of technology, creative materials, and interactive lessons, NORTHWEST students explore many diverse topics and become competent, proactive learners who are fully equipped to succeed. 

Below is the link for the M.O.E. website and its curriculum overview.

NORTHWEST has constructed a curriculum that is unique to its student population, containing a combination of standards that ensure compliance with international school expectations and respectful toward the culture and traditions of Kuwait.