Mission & Vision



Mission & Vision

Northwest Bilingual School  is a private, college-preparatory school that instills a passion for learning, builds character and inspires civic and social responsibility. Incorporating a rigorous, U.S. curriculum and advanced technology, Northwest Bilingual School empowers students to become contributing leaders of tomorrow. Northwest will maintain its lead in being the highest quality, comprehensive school in the region priding itself in incorporating within its curriculum an understanding of and respect for Arabic language and Islamic values within our global society.

Quality Teaching, Exceptional Learning; Excellence in Learning; Focused on Quality, Founded in Integrity;

Today’s Students, Tomorrows Leaders; Quality and Excellence in Education


Committed to continuous improvement, Northwest Bilingual School provides an excellent standards-based academic program within the framework of the best research-based educational practices in which students develop character, an awareness of the natural and social environments, and essential skills preparing them to face the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

The philosophy and objectives of this private, bilingual school support a U.S. curriculum in the rich cultural setting of the Middle East where students receive an immersion English language program.  Northwest Bilingual School welcomes families from all countries knowing that this association of students of different backgrounds helps develop a clear understanding and appreciation of the global world in which they live.

Designed to meet a wide range of individual needs, the Northwest Bilingual School experience stresses the worth and dignity of all students and provides them the opportunities to progress intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically to their greatest potential.


We believe in a safe, supportive learning community in which challenges are met with respect, compassion and enthusiasm to foster achievement of potential and expand personal and collective excellence. Northwest Bilingual School students acquire an academic foundation of required skills, knowledge and achievement that leads them to:

  • Be lifelong learners with global perspectives
  • Possess bilingual skills within the English, Arabic (and another?) languages
  • Be aware and reflective of their varied intellectual strengths.
  • Demonstrating confidence, motivation, and self‐discipline.
  • Be inquisitive, demonstrating critical and analytical thinking.
  • Demonstrate multicultural sensitivity and respect for differences.
  • Be “fit for life” demonstrating physical, emotional, and social well‐being.
  • Demonstrate respect for our natural world and conservation of our global resources.
  • Be innovative producers and informed consumers
  • Adapt to emerging technologies, ethically applying them to new and future settings.
  • Demonstrate responsibility and sound judgment, making informed choices for personal balance and community improvement.
  • Listen, lead, and work collaboratively to solve problems locally and globally.