Curriculum Overview



Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Northwest Bilingual School aims to foster holistic development in students, nurturing their abilities across various domains. Our elementary program is designed to cultivate independent readers, adept writers, effective speakers, engaged listeners, and discerning thinkers. Aligned with Common Core ELA standards, our instructional units are built upon a balanced literacy model that includes Reader’s/Writer’s workshops. This approach is implemented from Grade 1 to Grade 5, providing daily literacy instruction. The following fundamental principles guide our teaching:

Language and Literacy


  • Students are encouraged to read daily with genuine comprehension, for acquiring information, and for
    performing tasks
  • Reading instruction encompasses a blend of direct guidance, interactive instruction, and independent exploration (Readers Workshop).

Oral Communication and Listening

  • Students are expected to communicate articulately in standard English, expressing ideas and substantiating opinions on a daily basis.
  • Usage of standard English for providing feedback to peers is emphasized.
  • Active listening skills are developed, evident through paraphrasing, accurate English responses, and enthusiastic participation in class discussions.


  • Authentic writing and writing assessment form the basis for student writing and teacher evaluation.
  • Students are required to produce at least one multi-draft piece of writing.
  • Writing serves as a medium for expressing ideas and supporting opinions.

Mathematics and Numeracy

Our Mathematics program endeavors to develop students who:

  • Grasp and persevere in solving mathematical challenges.
  • Engage in abstract and quantitative reasoning.
  • Construct coherent arguments.
  • Evaluate the reasoning of others.
  • Utilize mathematics as a modeling tool.
  • Strategically employ appropriate mathematical tools.
  • Prioritize precision, recognize structural patterns, and identify regularities in repetitive reasoning.

The Common Core Standards for Mathematics act as our guiding framework, employing an instructional
model that progresses through the gradual release of responsibility.

We believe that a solid grasp of mathematical fundamentals is pivotal to a child's comprehensive

Social Studies & Science

With a strong focus on enhancing literacy and math skills, social studies and science concepts are integrated into literacy and math units. This integration fosters cross-disciplinary connections and equips students with essential skills for their transition to middle school.

Social studies adheres to the recently adopted Common Core 3 (C3) Standards, while our Science program aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) K-12. At the elementary level, NGSS places emphasis on the scientific process and its application. This approach empowers students to establish foundational knowledge for solving real-world problems and constructing meaning from new skills.

This interdisciplinary approach reflects the contemporary best practices in 21st-century education.


At Northwest Bilingual School, our Music program aspires to instill a lasting appreciation for music in students. Our objective is to provide an enduring musical experience.

The music curriculum offers a range of opportunities, encompassing the development of singing abilities, instrumental skills, music history and theory understanding, integration of music with core subjects, and linking musical composition with character development.

Beyond the classroom, students participate in in-class and community performances, allowing them to showcase their learning. Performance, a vital aspect of music education, encourages students to take risks and uncover new talents. Through this program, students cultivate creative and critical thinking skills, cooperative learning techniques, and proficiency in utilizing technology while studying the various aspects of music.

Visual Arts

The Elementary Visual Arts Program at Northwest Bilingual School fosters skill development by encompassing a wide array of subjects, symbols, images, and expressions. Anchored in the National Visual Arts Standards supported by the National Art Education Association, our Visual Arts curriculum integrates 21st-century skills like critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration within a technology-rich learning environment.

The program encompasses diverse art-making tools, ranging from drawing and painting to printmaking,
collages, sculptures, ceramics, and digital arts.

Physical Education

Northwest Bilingual School is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle among students. Our Physical Education program aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL).

Our goal is to develop physically literate individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence for lifelong engagement in healthful physical activities. To achieve this, we ensure that students:

Acquire the necessary skills for diverse physical activities.

Comprehend the benefits and implications of various physical pursuits.

Regularly participate in physical activities to achieve physical fitness and appreciate the value of active living.

Our curriculum offers engaging games and sports, such as basketball, golf, bowling, soccer, weight training, and aerobics. It aims to foster students' responsibility for their overall well-being, nurturing their growth in social, emotional, physical, and intellectual aspects of life.

Information Technology and Computer Science

At Northwest Bilingual School, our comprehensive Information Technology Education program adheres to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) and encompasses digital literacy, ethical digital citizenship, and practical tech skills. Our curriculum covers responsible online behavior, effective data handling, proficient use of productivity tools, basic programming concepts, and secure digital practices. Moreover, our Computer Science education aligns with Virginia SOLs, nurturing computational thinking, problem-solving, and coding proficiency. This empowers our students to excel in a technology-driven world while fostering responsible digital engagement.